Bumble: Turning the Tables On ‘Swipe’ Dating

While people used to only meet potential suitors through mutual friends, random conversations in public or whatever other story your grandparents want to tell you, things have changed drastically. People of dating age in 2015 have drastically different habits than their predecessors. Namely the use of technology in everyday life.

It’s become a cliche to claim that chivalry is dead. The reality of the situation is that the dating/courting experience has done what it’s always done – evolved.

In today’s society, people are as likely to exchange contact information with someone through social media as they are to bump into them on the street. And with the evolution of dating habits – with more people supporting “hookup culture” – technology has changed the way people go about pursuing relationships.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the undeniable predatory culture that comes with dating. In order to combat this in today’s dating world, Whitney Wolfe, one of the co-founders of popular dating app Tinder, created a new app that’s meant to make social media dating more female friendly.


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