The 3 O’clock Drop 11/5 – New Fetty Wap Track, Posthumous Pimp C Feat. Lil Wayne and more

If you’re looking to take a break from Puffy’s latest birthday mixtape, MMM, a few artists have offered to help out with new music. Fetty Wap’s dropped a new track, Pimp C still has more for us from beyond and Mila J flooded us with new music.

Fetty Wap – “Jimmy Choo”

Fetty Wap’s on a tear by releasing what feels like a new song every few days. This week’s no different with “Jimmy Choo” coming as the latest output from Mr. 1738.

Pimp C feat. Lil Wayne – “3 Way Freak”

Pimp C’s passing was a sad moment for all of hip-hop. But the silver lining is that the late half of UGK still has enough music stashed away for an entire posthumous album entitled Long Live The Pimp featuring many of today’s most popular artists. To serve as a sample of what to expect, “3 Way Freak” was just released with a “Pretty Brown Eyes” sample and a Lil Wayne verse.

Mila J – “Friends” “Ready To Go” and “Faithful”

Mila J’s getting ready to drop her Waiting Game mixtape and instead of slowly releasing tracks over the course of a month, she gave it all to us at once. In one day, Mila released a remix to The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends” titled “Friends,” as well as a track entitled “Ready to Go” and another called “Faithful.”



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