Buttah Nights: Sevyn Streeter Takes Over S.O.Bs

Sevyn Streeter Gives Us 7 More Reasons To Love Her Live.

Sevyn Streeter is a singer, songwriter, and everybody’s real-ass girlfriend who keeps it 100 percent trill.

The Florida-native wooed a sold-out New York City crowd Thursday Nov. 12 performing hits like the Chris Brown-assisted “Don’t Kill the Fun,” “Boomerang,” and “Call Me Crazy.”

Warming up the crowd with a range you’d assume to be mastered by someone who is of legal age to consume alcohol, 20-year-old Avery Wilson won the hearts of every woman in the crowd. Performing his single “Changed My Mind” featuring Migos and a medley of covers including The Weeknd’s sexy “Earned It,” the Connecticut-native left a lasting impression as an artist worth following and spending endless hours listening to.

Sevyn’s palpable energy, incredible vocals, insane choreography alongside her two dancers, and unapologetic realness commanded S.O.B’s stage with an unrelenting force.

Her uncanny ability to pen lyrics that transcend time affords her the ability to flip – not cover – tracks like “Say It” by Tory Lanez. It is one thing to vocally put a spin on a track you love but what makes Sevyn so special is that she goes the extra mile to pen lyrics that are always relatable.

No matter when she drops a single, Sevyn Streeter can connect – it is more than just a voice and dope production, her lyrics hit every emotion experienced in heartbreak, lust, and love.

It is her arsenal of songs, dope choreography, and fierce attitude that keeps her Street Team demanding new music for their ears. Her live show at S.O.B’s only further proved why she shouldn’t be counted out – she’s that homie, sister, lover, friend that will cuss you out in front of her daddy if you try her.

Here are seven amazing moments from Sevyn Streeter’s New York pit stop on her current tour wrapping in California Nov. 22.

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