Five Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early

Avoid That Headache

Holiday Shopping

This past Saturday I went to a suburban Chicago mall with my Grandmother so she can prepare for the winter and the very first thing I noticed was the store’s Christmas decor. After standing around through a quest for winter boots I began to hear “Let It Snow,” not the Boyz II Men version sadly, play over the PA System and it hit me: the Holiday Season is here. From there my mind began to think about shopping and I realized it’s time to start gathering gifts for my loved ones now.

You may be thinking, why so early? Why not wait until Black Friday and get it going? There are plenty of reasons I choose not to wait and some that you should also adopt. Check out five reasons to kick off your Christmas shopping now on the following pages.

About Shawn Grant (25 Articles)
Shawn is a Chicago bred lover of all forms of entertainment and media. As a chronic listener of new tunes, you can catch this University of Missouri graduate's head always near some speakers or a pair of Beats with a head nod resembling his favorite producers in the studio. Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks by searching @DonMagicShawn.

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