Buttah Nights: Celebrating The Legacy Of Pimp C

The late wife of Pimp C, Chinara Butler, hosted a NYC listening party for "Long Live The Pimp."

There are so many hip-hop pioneers that have gone far too soon at the hands of tragedies. Fans are left with singles that never lose relevance and perhaps one album, like the Notorious B.I.G., to spin that dropped while the MC was alive.

All artists have songs in the vault. Beyonce admits to dancing to tracks the Beyhive hopes to sneak an ear-full of and most artists record a truckload of songs that might never see the light of an album; like Alessia Cara who recorded 30 but we’ve only received 13 on her album Know It All.

Transporting a group of New Yorkers to the gritty south was Chinara Butler, alongside producer Mr. Lee and the good folks of Mass Appeal, during the private listening of her late husband’s upcoming posthumous LP, Long Live The Pimp. While the intimate group sipped on cocktails courtesy of Hypnotiq, Chinara and Mr. Lee allowed us into Pimp C’s world before his untimely passing to an accidental cough medicine overdose.

Chinara said in a statement, “This album is the culmination of years of work from not just me, but also the amazing artists and producers who contributed to make it happen. It combines several of the ideas and projects my husband began before his untimely passing. We hope the Trill fans enjoy it.”

Many of tracks, the southern rhymer had in the vault like “Southside” allowing Mr. Lee to simply have to go in and clean it up. Chinara touched a bit on the process, reeling in the best artists and working closely with Mr. Lee to include few producers onto the project.

Long Live The Pimp is southern hip hop, from the production, to  the features, and the vibe. Tracks like “Wavybone” featuring A$AP Rocky, Juicy J and Bun B or “Twerk Something” featuring T.I. get you lost in the beat, it’s only appropriate to close your eyes and bump your head. There’s even a bit of a reggae vibe, a sure shout out to Chinara’s Jamaican heritage, on “Butta Cookies.”

Majority of the features you don’t raise an eyebrow to, with artists like Juicy J and Bun B on tracks. But for “Friends,” Chinara even admitted that a track with Pimp C, Juicy J, and Nas might sound strange to the average fan but was all within reason.

“Let’s be honest and just say, saying Pimp C, Juicy J, and Nas sounds weird,” Chinara said to the crowd. “It’s three different fan base but this song was a real story. Since this is a real story, I went and got the real story tellers.”

The album also features appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, David Banner, and more. Check out one of Chinara’s favorite track on the album, “3 Way Freak,” featuring Lil Wayne, the full tracklisting, and our first listen favorites (bolded) on the next page.

Long Live The Pimp is available digitally on iTunes and will officially drop Dec. 4.

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