Thirsty Thursday: What About Your Friends?

This week, our bartender recounts being left to deal with an unruly bunch past closing.

In bar culture, your coworkers are apart of the pack. You fend off unruly patrons together, laugh at those same patrons together, and often times catch an after-work night cap together. Unfortunately, you won’t always get along with your coworkers and it can sometime result in a crappy night.

For this Brooklyn bartender, a little poor coworker etiquette led to a potential dangerous situation. Read her account on the following pages and her favorite night cap to drown a bad night.

About Alley Olivier (84 Articles)
Alley Olivier is a Brooklyn woman wearing many literal and figurative hats – snapback, bucket, and fedora if she feels like it. The short-haired founder and CEO of ButtahMedia, Alley operates as the Managing Editor for; churning out insightful interviews, balancing her opinions on all things pop culture, and ensuring entrepreneurs find useful information that is without the scientific jargon. When she isn’t consumed by everything Buttah, find her pen flexing on,, and Caribbean Life Newspaper. Follow her everywhere @All3Y_B.

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