A Season of Giving

Kamille Best puts the smiles of others before hers for this holiday season.

The holidays often serve as a reminder for all that we should be thankful for. Whether it’s the job that we hate but helps maintain our Starbucks habit, your grandmother’s pecan pie, or that best friend that keeps you from saying an eloquent f*ck this sh*t, with a roof over our heads and bills minimally paid there is plenty to be grateful for.

Our first world problems often overshadow real struggles plaguing men, women, and children living on the streets – braving the elements and hopeful of encountering some semblance of kindness.

Thinking of a large community in need of a small act of kindness is Kamille Best, a beauty-obsessed New Yorker who wants to provide self-indulgent care packages to 75 women living in various shelters across the city.

“I love all things self-indulgent,” Kamille explained. “If I have a little extra money I’ll use it to treat myself but there are some women who don’t have that and that’s how I came up with the idea to donate self-care packages to women in homeless shelters, who are in transition looking for housing or looking for jobs.”

A natural giver, Kamille made the decision to undertake her first large-scale donation to cement the creation of a new foundation she hopes to establish in 2016.

“The project is called the Women WE project. Women WE is something I basically came up with one day because I was thinking about conversations I’ve had with other women and my friends how we basically experience the same things even though our stories may be different,” she explained.

About Alley Olivier (84 Articles)
Alley Olivier is a Brooklyn woman wearing many literal and figurative hats – snapback, bucket, and fedora if she feels like it. The short-haired founder and CEO of ButtahMedia, Alley operates as the Managing Editor for BrooklynButtah.com; churning out insightful interviews, balancing her opinions on all things pop culture, and ensuring entrepreneurs find useful information that is without the scientific jargon. When she isn’t consumed by everything Buttah, find her pen flexing on Ebony.com, xoNecole.com, and Caribbean Life Newspaper. Follow her everywhere @All3Y_B.

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