Save Money this Holiday Season with these 3 Apps

Save Money on your Phone

The holiday season has snuck up on us. This time of the year proves to be costly in terms of gift buying, party and dinner hopping and all the other pieces that make this time of the year so joyful. The only downside to the holiday season is your wallet and bank account can be left a little dry heading into the New Year. Luckily for all of us we live in the digital age where our cell phone can work wonders in all aspects of our lives, even financially.

Days of using your phone for just texting, calls and social media are long gone and the ability to have all of your monetary information stored in your phone is present so use it to not only spend but save. Located in the app store right along with the amazon, target and Starbucks apps are those that serve as tools for saving and financial responsibility. Check out three apps that have served our staff well in the following pages.

Digit App
Digit is fairly new to the saving game but boasts members who have been able to stash away thousands. How does it work? Digit links with your bank account and provides details of your daily balance and silently pulls from your account in small increments. As we all know small amounts lead to large ones, which Digit pulls from you. If you want more amounts to come out you can, same with less, as Digit allows for you to control how much is pulled from you. Be sure to check it out.

Acorn App
Want to invest your small change into bigger amounts? Acorns pulls spare change left over from purchases and invests it into stocks and bonds. Not only does the app serve as a tool for placement but it rebalances and diversifies your portfolio for proper investment. Be sure to visit your app store and take it for a test spin.

If you want to take a trip in the New Year and not blow through your budget this holiday season, Unsplurge is for you. Set a saving and target goal and it will maintain the amount that you currently have invested and how much more you need to input to move toward your goal. Within the app there is also saving plans that can serve as guides.

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