Interview: A “Natural” Lover’s Dream

Komfort Zone, LLC provides naturally crafted products too divine for use.

Often times, successful businesses are developed in the least expected ways. This is what Yvonne R. Oxley, owner of Komfort Zone, LLC came to discover. The St. Michaels, Barbados native, turned Brooklynite eventually relocated to Bridgeport, Connecticut after experiencing the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

While living in Connecticut, Yvonne began her natural hair “journey” and decided to take a look at the ingredients in the soaps, shampoos, and lotions that she was using. The idea of making her own products, natural bath and body items, was then conceived. Four years later, after expanding her business and opening her first store, the brand Oxley cultivated is thriving more than ever.

Soaps, body butters, and candles are just some of the eye-pleasing, handcrafted luxuries sold by the 2014 Martha Stewart “American Made” nominee, Komfort Zone. Every single product is made with care and smells delightfully dreamy – scents are reminiscent of the ingredients directly used like cocoa and oatmeal but also have tinges of sweetness perfuming the air after use.

The skin-loving products are not only satisfying because of their beautifully elaborate designs that cause you to deliberate on whether you want to use them on your body or as décor, but also because of the effects the product’s ingredients have.

“Shea butter and cocoa butter are my favorite,” Yvonne states about her ingredients. “They’re in their raw states when I use them, which you don’t usually find. And they are great for skin moisture, protection from the sun, and of course they smell great.”

About Tayzah M. Peeples (7 Articles)
Tayzah M. Peeples is a Brooklynite with a passion for all things media. Currently attending Delaware State University, she partakes in a plethora of extracurriculars ranging from leading the university’s marching band’s dance team to taking on various roles at the on campus radio station. Connect with her on Instagram @Bklynbombshell__

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