Who’s On Your Squad?

6 Ways To Build And Maintain An Effective Team.

Who’s on your squad?

No matter the size of your team – party for two or 10 – knowing who is on your team, the role they play, and keeping a sense of oneness throughout your company is important for any business’ success.

According to an article titled “Twelve Ways to Build an Effective Team” by Elizabeth Bakken of Rice University, “Teams that are cohesive, productive, and efficient — and whose members enjoy doing their work and working together — don’t happen by accident. Successful teams are cohesive because team members work cooperatively, sharing common goals as well as the resources to achieve them.”

Establishing yourself as a transparent leader, building trust and respect, effectively delegating, and promoting an atmosphere that allows constructive debates are a few key points to creating and maintaining a seamless team.

Whether you’re in the process of building your crew to U Got Served-ready levels or evaluating how to improve upon your team’s efficacy, here are some things to keep in mind to achieve the ultimate squad goals.

About Alley Olivier (84 Articles)
Alley Olivier is a Brooklyn woman wearing many literal and figurative hats – snapback, bucket, and fedora if she feels like it. The short-haired founder and CEO of ButtahMedia, Alley operates as the Managing Editor for BrooklynButtah.com; churning out insightful interviews, balancing her opinions on all things pop culture, and ensuring entrepreneurs find useful information that is without the scientific jargon. When she isn’t consumed by everything Buttah, find her pen flexing on Ebony.com, xoNecole.com, and Caribbean Life Newspaper. Follow her everywhere @All3Y_B.

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