Last Minute Gift Run

In the St. Nick of Time

Last minute Christmas shopping can be a hassle. Here are some quick and thoughtful gifts you can buy this holiday season.

The time of holiday cheer, receiving gifts, and more importantly, giving them is upon us and closing in quick. Whether it is for “Secret Santa” at the job, a long overdue thank you gift, something special for your significant other, or a present that’ll put a smile on the face of a family member, in the back of our minds always lies the question “what am I going to get this person for Christmas?”

There are those who shop in the madness that is Black Friday, those who find time after work or make an online shopping trip, and then those who wait and wait…and wait. Rounding up last minute Christmas gifts can become a hassle. Have you ever gone into a store during the holiday season and everything you may have wanted to purchase has vanished and will most likely appear under someone else’s Christmas tree?

Here are a few solutions to your eleventh-hour Christmas shopping troubles.

About Tayzah M. Peeples (7 Articles)
Tayzah M. Peeples is a Brooklynite with a passion for all things media. Currently attending Delaware State University, she partakes in a plethora of extracurriculars ranging from leading the university’s marching band’s dance team to taking on various roles at the on campus radio station. Connect with her on Instagram @Bklynbombshell__

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