Betting on the Bowl is All About Big Bucks

What's Your Wager? We Talkin' Billions

Super Bowl week has been going strong and if you’ve missed the headlines it’s been a mix of Cam Newton and his dancing or his unapologetic African-American nature, Peyton Manning’s last dance and many other intense storylines. With watching those moves and everything that goes into the game comes a huge piece of the celebratory weekend, gambling. As always there is big business in gambling and the  Super Bowl is the biggest event in terms of sports.

The on field reactions, plays and scores move more money than you could imagine. Newsweek reports The American Gambling Association project that gambling amount that will lean on results during the three to four hour time frame of the big game will bring in a whopping, wait for it, $4.2 billion dollars. Of that 4.2 billy 97% of the wagers will be illegal. To give you an idea of the different, $115 million was legally placed on last year’s game. I wonder what Floyd Mayweather’s percentage of that was. If you think that 4.2 number is large, the overall amount spent on wagers last year was 149 billion, also known as major figures.

Think of the outlets that this will include. Outside of the illegal options and the handshake bets that will occur at your Super Bowl party, you have the so rapidly growing that the government felt some type of way cash cows in Draft Kings and Fan Duel setting up their options and Vegas, oh Vegas, the lines that are offered there are ridiculous. So ridiculous you can bet on how long Lady Gaga will sing during the National Anthem. Yes, this is really a thing. In fact, let’s take a look at some of the uniquely outrageous things that you can drop your dollars on this Sunday, along with some of my offered commentary:

· How many times will “dab” or “dabbing” be said by the announcers during the Broadcast? (Say it all you want but one more white man dab and look stiff and it should be retired. But, could make for possible drinking game fun.)
· If Steph Curry is shown on TV during the Broadcast what will he be wearing? (Only Curry we will acknowledge is Riley)
· What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach? (In a perfect world, Broncos-orange, Panthers-blue, but likely it’s a red Gatorade shower)
· What color will Beyoncé’s footwear be when she comes on stage for the Halftime show? (#BeyHive vote black or gold, it really should be a bedazzled option though)

Crazy right? People will bet on anything! Just for kicks and giggles let’s make up our own props:

· Will there be a moment where Jay Z gazes at Beyoncé like he never saw her before?
· In fact, will Beyoncé boot Coldplay off the stage and burst into “Single Ladies”?
· Over/Under 40 rappers posting Instagrams in support of Cam Newton?

Sure those are farfetched but they aren’t too far off of the “really?” Richter scale that the others before it are.

But, betting is business. Such a business that there needs to be more avenues in its legal functionality. Everybody doesn’t want to run to or call that 702 area code to get into the odds in Vegas. Fan Duel and Draft Kings are running into legal actions that are destroying their structure and accessibility, which may leave a gap.

HELLO ENTREPRENUERS, wake up and smell the figures. If the gambling industry isn’t your thing, that’s cool, the game Sunday is big and wild enough for you to gain dollars for personal spending like a baecation or to invest in other ventures. Think about it. How well do you know Beyoncé?

About Shawn Grant (25 Articles)
Shawn is a Chicago bred lover of all forms of entertainment and media. As a chronic listener of new tunes, you can catch this University of Missouri graduate's head always near some speakers or a pair of Beats with a head nod resembling his favorite producers in the studio. Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks by searching @DonMagicShawn.

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