Cam Newton Keeps It Stylish On and Off the Field

Cam Knows His Brand Can Attract More Brands

Cam Newton - Super Bowl Pants

We have seen it for years, sports figures are powerful people when it comes to fashion. All eyes are on you as you step off the team bus and begin to walk the halls and tunnels before you switch into your game gear. Photos of your arrival fill up the Twitterverse and people rush to find out what you are wearing. Who is the latest style icon to flex their garment choices? Cam Newton.

The “Superman” of the Panthers is in an interesting place currently. Cam is one Super Bowl victory away from being the NFL’s posterchild and is looking to leave his mark on the field but has impacted it off the field already, in fashion. To kick off the week, Cam arrived to San Francisco wearing Versace Accent Print Jeans in Yellow Zebraprint and took over headlines. The pants cost $849, aka a car note and a half for someone like me, and according to the New York Daily News, sold out online after his grand entrance displaying his fashion confidence.

But here is something to analyze: our future MVP, is 6’5″, 245 pounds and killed his look flawlessly. Not only is Cam Newton loved by kids, amazing at football, a potential world champion and confident in who he is, he is shaping up to be a style icon for the League.

Don’t be fooled into believing Cam isn’t fashion forward, he has always flashed his style and knack for dressing well, it’s becoming part of his brand. But, also, don’t be misled to think he didn’t know all eyes would be on him. During Super Bowl media day another fashionable footballer, the retired and legendary Deion Sanders, questioned his choice. To which Cam responded “It’s Super Bowl 50.”

“The mantra of the colors are black and gold. The black-and-gold attire that I had in my closet was extremely limited,” Cam shared. “So I looked at my pants and I said, these are black and gold and these shoes are black and gold to tie along with the whole Super Bowl 50 black and gold.”

Cam is displaying how fashion meets sport. Don’t think this will be the only time he uses his noggin to show he is just as good on the field as he is off. Give them a dab on Sunday Cam.

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