Be Single, And Own It

Drake had it right, wear less and go out more.

There is a right way to be single. The people who have it all wrong are easily identifiable. They’re usually the ones moping, complaining, and sticking their nose in everyone else’s happy story. Not a good look. But simply not being annoying about it doesn’t put you in the clear. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are “doing single” right either.

A of people carelessly take their precious freedom for granted. As much as we don’t want to admit it, we lose a portion of our freedom when we commit to a significant other. We gain someone’s commitment and sacrifice holidays with our families to be with theirs. The trade­off can be more or less drastic depending on the relationship.

When you’re young and single you don’t have to take things into consideration. You can basically do anything under the sun. If you’re not exercising that freedom than you are simply misusing it. “Doing single” right is about relishing in every liberal decision. It’s focusing on one’s self and mastering the craft. Here’s a couple tips from one single mami to the next, for those of you that haven’t quite been getting it right.

About Sydney Williams (17 Articles)
Sydney Williams is a Brooklyn Buttah intern, who explores quotas with a lyrical and analytical perspective. The singer, songwriter and Long Island native is a certified music junkie bubbling with a witty and realistic outlook on the industry and ways in which music can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. An artist is an entrepreneur. Sydney crafts her artistry, as she completes her final semester as a communications major at SUNY Old Westbury.

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