Do You Peach?

A new app is on the scene combining new ways for users to interact.

Surprise, world! A new app is on the scene. Peach is the latest social media application that has gotten a little buzz since its release January 8. According to the New Republic, “Last Friday, Peach- a new app that lets users post status updates, images, and drawings- rocketed around social media and to the top of the Apple charts; on Monday, it was declared “dead.””

Peach is the brainchild of Don Hoffman, who created a little addictive app we all know as Vine. With a pretty successful app under his wing you would assume that Peach was destined to follow the same trajectory. However, that is not the apparent case.

Some of the positives of Peach is its simplicity. Posting is very easy to operate. Making a Peach profile is simple and straightforward. It adds its own spin to the social media universe by including options that include: posting key words that let you post where you are, what song you’re listening to, animated gifs, and an option to associate a mood with a post, picture, etc.

In contrast to other social media apps, Peach has an interactive timeline which allows you to interact with friends of friends’ posts. Unlike Facebook, friends aren’t suggested – the six degrees of separation are all the rage for Peach.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, Peach it is not a personal favorite and does not have high download traffic because it is not as quirky as other apps. I would not invite my friends to download it because it is not that alluring and, to be honest, reminds me a lot of Twitter.

With a variety of options already marked as our favorites, there isn’t a great need for another social media application to spend time on. With so many apps a fingerprint away from downloading and the ability to communicate through non-social media apps, it’s difficult for developers to create a new social media platform that will do great and have longevity.

In competition with other apps, Peach might not go as far as Hoffman’s Vine. I feel that it’s simplistic appearance and functions will hurt it in the long run.  Also, while its play on uniqueness is cool, there isn’t one thing about Peach that makes it stand out. Facebook’s main glamor is its professional appearance, Tumblr has a free and creative feel, Twitter is instantaneous, Instagram has filters & photo editing features, and then there is Peach, which is a new less popular version of Twitter and that makes it less likely to thrive.


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