The Life of Pablo x YEEZY SZN 3

Views from the Garden.

Yesterday (Feb. 11), we had the opportunity to witness Kanye West debut all of his creative endeavors in one grand production at Madison Square Garden. With the rise of his success, the Grammy award winning artist has been noted for his contributions to fashion and corresponding music visuals; having the support of his fans and fellow icons. Madison Square Garden was completely packed out with supporters, critics, an array of celebrities, and current tastemakers such as the Kardashians, artists of G.O.O.D Music, Young Thug, and more.

For those who weren’t physically present, there was the opportunity to stream the event via Tidal. Kanye released his collection for Yeezy Season 3 while simultaneously hosting a listening session for the well anticipated album The Life of Pablo. The creative genius also used the Garden to preview a video game dedicated to his late mother, Donda West.

The production was unique and hard to classify because it was served as a global runway show/video game release/listening party. I applaud Kanye for his dedication and execution because I see the vision. I respect how inclusive and collaborative it was on all levels; having included models, workers, and musicians of all types.

My favorite aspect to this however, is how the amount of brown faces I saw slaying on stage. In this racially controversial climate we currently live in, coming from a man of his well-earned status, it meant everything to me.

I can’t foster into words how impactful and culturally significant yesterday really was, but I can share insight from individuals that were given the chance to both witness and work  yesterday’s events.

About Danielle Page (20 Articles)
Meet Danielle, new to the Brooklyn Buttah team and ready to reveal all things insightful, creative, and positive; aiming to remind people that the answer is within them and our self preservation is key. She was born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn with a passion for her urban island culture. She's fueled by her imagination, intellect, and dexterity. She is looking at closing her undergraduate career soon having studied Media and Communications at SUNY Old Westbury. Even with many skills under belt, she aims to become a Screenwriter/ Creative Director in film.

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