Which Tax App is For You?

Pedestrians walk past the H&R Block Inc. flagship office in New York, U.S., on Friday, March 2, 2012. H&R Block Inc. provides tax services to the general public, accounting and consulting services, and consumer financial and personal productivity software. Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Every single year around this time, the American people have one thing in common and that’s waiting for their W-2s but more so who they are going to file their taxes with. Some of the mainstream services that advertise their companies are H&R Block, Jackson & Hewitt, and Turbo tax. Many people take their taxes to these companies or their personal accountants because they do not know how to file their taxes on their own. Unless you know what your doing and are confident about filing your taxes by yourself, you might want to continue reading and follow up with one of these tax services.

According to CarefulCents.com, the top 10 apps to help organize and file your taxes were listed, some of which aren’t as popular as other but nonetheless are very useful. If you’ve ever made donations or make annual donations, make use of iDonatedit. It’s an easy to use app to keep track of all your non-cash charitable donations. We all come across the “Did we make any charitable contributions this year?” question when we are filing. Some say yes, some say no. iDonatedit helps to remember what you donated and even has a feature where you can take a picture of the donated the item you recorded.

Following iDonatedit is an app called TaxCaster. This app works a little more magic than others because you enter in your tax information and it forecasts your tax information so there are no unexpected deductions when you do file. It’s a fast way to find out what your tax refund is and make any adjustments. Then after that tax app comes the eighth ranked best tax app called Gas Cubby. This app caters to how much you spend in gas and no one would ever think track that. I would think this app is for those who own their own businesses The app not only allows you to keep tabs on how much you spend on gas but how many gallons you’ve purchased, oil changes, and it even reminds you when your car is due for maintenance. Sounds like a pretty cool app I could definitely make use of and its only $2.99.


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