FIRST APARTMENT ESSENTIALS: Getting Through Your First Year Living On Your Own

Moving out of your parent’s house is taking the first step into the real world. Living on your own can be scary but for others it can be exciting and liberating. No matter the reason for moving out, there are certain things that are good to know that will make your first year flying solo go over smoothly. Small tips to know include learning how to read your electric meter, easy cooking recipes to help budgeting finances and keeping organized – all necessary to help with paying bills.

After you are moved into your new place and you’ve got everything you wanted to make your first apartment feel like yours, maintaining your new home is the next priority. First thing to keep in mind is setting aside your money for your bills, how much money you are able to spend on groceries and how much you are able to save. This all falls under budgeting and when you’re able to put your money management skills to work, this should be easy for you. Knowing your budget is staying in control of your finances when it comes to making purchases for things that are important like food. Grocery shopping is just like another bill and when you’re food shopping, always search for sales. That is a great way to save money and be sure when you are in the supermarket, get all the necessities before you buy a bunch of junk food.

The next few things that you should keep an eye open for are easy to cook recipes. If you are anything like myself, those will be a bonus to what you can cook already but if this is your first time around in the kitchen then you’d want to learn to cook something easy and doesn’t require much time to prepare. It won’t be mom’s home cooked food, but it’ll hold you over until you can get to your parents to take some of their food back home with you. Cooking is an art and you don’t have to be a five star chef but you have to know what you can cook aside from the occasional ham & cheese sandwich or bowl of cereal. For easy meals to cook go to for delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch and, dinner. My first month on my own, I always used simple recipes I found on this website and they aren’t hard to follow.

Something that is also very important to pay attention to living on your own is your energy bill. Remember all those times your parents told you to turn something off if you aren’t using it or turn a light off if you aren’t in the room? Now, you’re the one that’s telling yourself and your visitors what your parents were telling you. Your energy bill can get very high if you don’t follow certain power saving tips like unplug your toaster or microwave when you’re not using it, turning off lights when you are not in a room, don’t sleep with your television on through the night. Take those habits into consideration and you’ll easily keep your energy bill at a manageable price.

All work and no play is no fun at all. To add to getting through your first year on your own, there isn’t a rule that says you can’t enjoy your newfound independence. In the midst of budgeting, make sure you pay yourself. This is an amount of money that you can spend on whatever your heart desires. For example, when going out to buy clothes look for sales and clothing you know you will like and not wear once. Always remember to operate within your means because money is harder to earn than it is to let go.

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  1. This a good practice even before you leave home.


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