Petite And Slaying The Game

Shape is all mental, reign in these five tips to own your slim figure.

Learn how to rock your Petite Frame during the age of the thick mami

While it seems like the media is only just beginning to accentuate thick beauty, “thick mamis” have been winning for years. Where I’m from, men love a juicy woman. And so, it could be tough being the skinny friend; the stringbean; the pencil; the lollipop (I can keep going, there are endless names). It’s even more irksome if you’re on the short side because then people like calling you “cute.”

Who wants to be cute?  Women want to be sexy and feel womanly.

At 5’2  and 100 pounds, I can attest to feeling and being treated like a little girl. But I also understand that how you work your size has a lot to do with how you see yourself and how people see you.

Embrace your petite frame with these five tips.

About Sydney Williams (17 Articles)
Sydney Williams is a Brooklyn Buttah intern, who explores quotas with a lyrical and analytical perspective. The singer, songwriter and Long Island native is a certified music junkie bubbling with a witty and realistic outlook on the industry and ways in which music can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. An artist is an entrepreneur. Sydney crafts her artistry, as she completes her final semester as a communications major at SUNY Old Westbury.

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