Confessions of a Curvy Girl: I failed.

Failure, bouncing back, and a love for Tequila.

I failed.

Yes, I failed and I’m owning it. Last time you heard from me I was waving my “I’m fat and I’m not proud flag” and sticking it in my old habits, publicly committing to a new life of health, fitness and Beyoncé body measurements. I did well…for exactly 10 days. Now, here we are back at square one with me eating chicken wings for dinner. Before you judge me, let me explain.

My fitness assessment with my trainer and learning my true measurements was the push I needed. After nearly passing out from seeing numbers far greater than I expected, I was even more motivated to trim the fat and get busy. However, I was busy. No, seriously, really busy. My schedule is jam packed and as I was in the midst of a big project that took up most of my day, I quickly realized that working out wasn’t going to be in the cards for a few weeks.

In the beginning everything was perfect. Since I couldn’t work out, I decided to kick start with a full body detox. I heard great things about the “10 day green smoothie cleanse” by JJ Smith so I decided to do try it. Listen, I’m Jamaican, we EAT. So the mere thought of replacing my carbloaded dinners with green smoothies for 10 entire days was terrifying. Ten days without food, coffee, sugar and, happiness – just three smoothies every day with raw vegetables and nuts in between and the constant question of “what the hell am I doing with my life?”

But, I’m also slowly transitioning to vegetarian (more on that at a later date), so I thought this would be a great way to reset my cravings while dropping a few pounds. I dusted off my Ninja blender and for 10 days I kicked ass. The cleanse was difficult but I focused on the end goal (and set a countdown clock). Interestingly enough, it was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had and I felt better than ever. I had a lot of energy despite getting rid of my two daily cups of coffee, I was more alert, my skin was glowing, and overall I was just in great spirits. It also helped that the smoothies were delicious. On the 11th day, I weighed in at 6 lbs lighter and I rocked a crop top to celebrate. Then, disaster struck: my birthday crept up.

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The fearless leader of, Robin J. got her start in radio in 2010, creating a platform for under represented musicians and other artists to share their talent. Taking it to the web, she's set out to change the way the world looks at Indie/ re-emerging artists and bring back the appreciation for the new music. When she's not combing through TakeOvah music submissions, she's fake harmonizing at R&B shows, hosting local events and flirting with Starbucks baristas for free espresso shots. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @itsrobinj

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