HERstory: Sigourney Salley


Styling is an art. There is a responsibility on the individual choosing the clothes that will drape an average customer to the stars gracing the red carpet. From understanding body types to material, stylists are something like the unsung heroes operating behind-the-scenes.

For celebrity stylist Sigourney Salley, honesty is her only policy while working with clients – the truth may hurt but she refuses to allow any person she works with be the meme of the week. “That’s honestly why I’m very honest when I’m doing styling for any show, photo shoot, at the end of the day I want you to feel comfortable,” she said.

In an industry that is clothing driven, you’d assume women run the styling game. According to Sigourney, not so much. A number of reasons keep men at the forefront, as far as working with female clients, unfortunately it deals with natural female insecurities, judgmental personalities, and overall cattiness.

“Styling, for some reason to me, is very male driven industry,” she explained. “There’s different aspects of beauty and I feel that it’s sometimes difficult to have a female client because some women are naturally catty and very defensive. When we’re trying on a dress, I like to be honest with my client. Yes, the dress is beautiful for you but it’s either we need to get some spanx to make it that dress. I’m not telling you anything to hurt your feelings but I’m also not going to lie to you and say the dress looks great when it doesn’t.”

Despite the challenges, Sigourney has found a never-ending well of passion for styling – whether she is dressing a male or female client – and believes in the leap she took and continues to take. Her story isn’t one of convention but of taking odd jobs and doing the necessary work to climb to the point she is at today.

Check out our first #HERstory editorial featuring Sigourney Salley on the following pages.

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