HERstory: Rachel Furman


Who we are as kids rarely determine who we will be once we reach adulthood. Rachel Furman, a New Jersey native, described her and her girlfriends as tomboys growing up – never sauntering through the beauty aisle as some girls do. But life at Temple University opened her eyes to the opportunity working in cosmetics could bring, and suddenly playing with makeup didn’t seem  so bad.

“When I went to college and saw the amount of girls wearing it I wanted to tap into it. As I got more crafty and started doing my own makeup, I realized how much fun it was and how I was like drawing on your face to make it more pretty and match your outfits – it was just fun,” she explained.

Thus the birth of Mouth2Mouth Beauty in 2012, what started as a college dorm room operation to first benefit women who survived domestic abuse quickly became a passion to provide women with that extra layer of confidence to go after what you want. “The whole message behind Mouth2Mouth is to inspire women to speak their mind and say what they feel, be more outspoken about what it is they do and don’t enjoy, what they look forward to,” Rachel said.

Combining her experiences at Temple University, a chance opportunity to work with Colorlab Cosmetics of Rockford through MTV Made college edition series, and consistent flame to create, Rachel continues to pursue her business all while balancing a full time job and her bouncing new bundle of joy.

Check out Rachel’s #HERstory in the following pages and grab up some of the pre-sale goodies available on her website today.

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