Sharp Shooter: Andre Uncut Captures A Vintage Black Experience

Andre Uncut is a photographer trapped in the wrong time period.

In a digital world with everyone becoming a creative, we may be blind to authentic talent when presented to us.  Social media outlets such as Tumblr and Instagram allow us to see the works of a plethora of creators – like Brooklyn-based photographer and videographer, Andre Uncut.

The 22-year-old Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York native, (though seasoned with editing/screenwriting from previous studies) had no intentions of becoming a photographer. In an attempt to occupy his time post break-up with an old girlfriend, Andre gave his dust collecting camera a second glance.

Going forward, he’d use the vibe and aesthetic of vintage black music videos to fuel his creativity. He is recognized for his late 90’s/early 2000’s photo feels but manages to remain relevant, new, and inspirational to other creatives. He is looking at finishing up school at Kingborough Community College, having studied Media/Broadcasting. He shared that although college is great for a scholarly foundation, he feels as though he techniques were self-taught and he probably could have gone without it.

Get familiar with Andre Uncut’s vintage flare in the following pages and follow his Instagram for major photo-envy.

About Danielle Page (20 Articles)
Meet Danielle, new to the Brooklyn Buttah team and ready to reveal all things insightful, creative, and positive; aiming to remind people that the answer is within them and our self preservation is key. She was born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn with a passion for her urban island culture. She's fueled by her imagination, intellect, and dexterity. She is looking at closing her undergraduate career soon having studied Media and Communications at SUNY Old Westbury. Even with many skills under belt, she aims to become a Screenwriter/ Creative Director in film.

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