Don’t Be Swae’d by One Night Bed Baes

Kid Cudi created a song before he was a global superstar titled “Pillow Talk,” which carried the main message to his chick of the time that he wasn’t intending to smash and dash. Great song; smooth, just about everyone would enjoy it, but his motives are NOT for everybody.

Before we dive deeper here, I would like to point out that I am not in no way endorsing cheating, having a side chick or groupies, but to each is own. It happens. But for all you celebrities and everyday guys that do, you have to be more careful. I’m tired of seeing celebrities or Twitter homies caught up because you took a nap after you got your issue. Note to all of you: Do your thing and shake the spot!

This message is to all of you that can learn from the mistakes of our latest blunder bearer, Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd.

For those unfamiliar with what went down, while on the road, Swae quenched someone’s thirst in the sheets in a three way with another tour thot. Let Swae tell it, the one who told on Twitter was just a casualty in the form of a body. Let her tell it, he wanted her in the unholy trinity, she’s pregnant and is hitting him for ten racks. Of all that she said the ten large was a lie but I digress.

So now he’s on The Shade Room and offering explanations while she’s thanking him for getting her to 1,000 followers, which is now helping with her skateboarding career. What type of shit?

What does this do for you? Why put yourself through the struggle of money costs and all of that. For everyday guys you can’t afford it, I know because I’m one of you! I barely keep up with my bills and maintain my sanity within my word trap and other means of income. For the rappers, you can afford it, maybe, but why would you want that expense and all of the trouble that goes with it? I’m sorry, maybe it’s me but it’s less of a hassle to accept all the free range of placenta that is thrown your way because you rap in public. Have a girlfriend, a tour bae with a non-disclosure agreement, something.

So look, fellas, homie to homie. If you’re going to do your dirt, smash groupies, any of that. Please don’t lay your head on that pillow when you’re done. You will fall asleep and that leaves you open to any and everything. Pictures online, mad fiancés and wives, loss of money, 18 years of court and payments, all types of headache. More importantly, your lives, careers, sanity and brands are at stakes. No one wants to deal with this type of embarrassment or insanity. It’s avoidable.

So instead of getting your Kid Cudi on please, please, please, slide out the hotel door, escort the guests off the tour bus, and don’t bring them to your home. And if all of that seems like too much to ask, just don’t do it at all.

About Shawn Grant (25 Articles)
Shawn is a Chicago bred lover of all forms of entertainment and media. As a chronic listener of new tunes, you can catch this University of Missouri graduate's head always near some speakers or a pair of Beats with a head nod resembling his favorite producers in the studio. Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks by searching @DonMagicShawn.

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