2000 Squats For The Booty Of Your Dreams

Grab a friend and follow these twins regimen to matching booty envy.

Squats are more fun when you feel the burn with someone else, be it your sister or sister friend. “Mirror twins” Miriam and Michelle Carolus are exactly identical, right down to finely chiseled bottom causing major envy in jeans.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, the 28-year-olds manage their identical curvy physique by eating the exact same things and hitting 2,000 squats every day.

“We make sure we eat the same, exercise the same – everything the same,” Michelle said according to Daily Mail. “We try to do a couple of thousand squats a day to keep in shape. It won’t be all at the same time. It will usually be stretched over something like nine hours.”


The sisters both work for the same Miami plastic surgeon and have gone under the knife to boost their bust from a matching B-cup to a $5000 matching D-cup. Despite already undergoing surgery, the twins never considered amplifying their derrières with surgery – choosing the natural route.

“We would never consider surgery on our butts, our workout plan pretty much takes care of that. When you do it naturally through hard work it makes you feel a lot better about yourself,” Miriam said.

A strict diet and logging in the necessary hours in the gym are the twins secret to their perfectly sculpted 36-22-46 frame. Acting as each other’s accountability partners, Miriam and Michelle remain on track by ensuring both have hit the same numbers for the day.

“We generally stick to a healthy diet and it’s the same all the time. We are very strict about this. We will work out the exact same and make sure that if one of us has done more the other will have to catch up,” Miriam said.

Are you about that 2,000 squat-a-day life?

About Alley Olivier (84 Articles)
Alley Olivier is a Brooklyn woman wearing many literal and figurative hats – snapback, bucket, and fedora if she feels like it. The short-haired founder and CEO of ButtahMedia, Alley operates as the Managing Editor for BrooklynButtah.com; churning out insightful interviews, balancing her opinions on all things pop culture, and ensuring entrepreneurs find useful information that is without the scientific jargon. When she isn’t consumed by everything Buttah, find her pen flexing on Ebony.com, xoNecole.com, and Caribbean Life Newspaper. Follow her everywhere @All3Y_B.

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