#HealthInMyHands: Reclaiming My Body Through My Core

Danielle Page introduces #HealthInMyHands, a journey to a healthier self.

We’re currently living in a self progressive time – one in which people are mindful of their tendencies in order to achieve optimum health and overall wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. As I grow older, I understand that I have to create a solid bond with my body that allows me to care for it properly. I’m influenced by the juicers, clean eaters, and gym obsessors all over social media. I’ve realized that I’m not limited to congratulating them for their efforts from behind my phone screen and that I can make these things happen within my own life. I welcome you all to sit in, gain, and go forth with me as I modify some of my lifestyle choices in order to become healthier and reach my desired body goals.

Wellness manifests from within and your outer appearance only reflects a small percentage of that achievement. I’d like to start from the core. I’m thankful for my mother’s efforts to make sure her children ate nutritious foods throughout the day. We weren’t allowed to eat chips and she never brought soda into our home. She put us on to both hollistic dietary and medicinal gems. I’m fortunate to have had that backing at home because it’s shaped my ideas of “eating right.” But with independence and some after school coins bred habits that weren’t endorsed at home.

It was when I started traveling to school by myself that I’d make unhealthy eating decisions; happily sitting in McDonald’s, talking over tacos, or whatever else I could sink my teeth into after a long day. I’m currently twenty-one-years-old and I’d say I watched my health decision making vanish into the State University of New York at Old Westbury air when I entered the college institution. I don’t think anyone will understand the way right from wrong is challenged when you decide to dorm on campus other than someone who has or still does. There are endless unhealthy choices both in the cafeteria and surrounding the school. Neighboring restaurants had no problem creating promotional deals targeted at our chump change so I often ordered. I didn’t go home often so I ended up eating horribly and gaining a freshman 45, making me a total of 163 pounds after two semesters (said to be freshman fifteen for most, but yeah).

I came back for summer vacation after my freshman year almost unrecognizable to my family and friends; embarrassed but dedicated to shedding the excess weight. I had a very hard time adjusting to my size being that I’m naturally a slim girl. Within my body I felt heavier, less motivated, and almost unentitled to certain looks and garments. That summer I made it my duty to regularly visit the gym and the weight peeled off, thankfully. I went into my sophomore year with a figure I liked, ate just a tad better, but completely dropped going to the gym due to complacency. I’ve managed to stay within the 135-147 range within the past two years but lately that isn’t enough for me.

I want to channel clean eating and heavy exercise everyday without aligning it to an upcoming vacation, a dress I need to fit, or the picture I want to post on the gram. I’d like to put wellness into full practice because it starts at the core and will surely transcend into every other aspect of my life.

Lets motivate each other to hit the gym, eat a bit better, and achieve our own idea of #bodygoals with a weekly checkin via this column “Health in My Hands.”

About Danielle Page (20 Articles)
Meet Danielle, new to the Brooklyn Buttah team and ready to reveal all things insightful, creative, and positive; aiming to remind people that the answer is within them and our self preservation is key. She was born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn with a passion for her urban island culture. She's fueled by her imagination, intellect, and dexterity. She is looking at closing her undergraduate career soon having studied Media and Communications at SUNY Old Westbury. Even with many skills under belt, she aims to become a Screenwriter/ Creative Director in film.

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