Lo’s Love Letters – #101

Lo kicks off her column with some perceptions of what love is (or learn it to be).

Hello Saints and Aints. Lo checking in. Welcome to Lo’s Love Letters. A column where I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be talking about half the time but if I tried I’d probably be able to write a book. I don’t have much real advice, cause quite frankly my love life is about as complicated as a jigsaw puzzle. But hopefully my experience and my shit talking perspective will help some of you lovely guys and dolls in your time of need.

When talking about love I think shit gets a little weird cause I suck at it. Well, let me rephrase. I know how to love, I just don’t know when I am being loved back. I know it sounds crazy…..but I’m [reasonably] crazy which you will soon find out.

For starters, part of the reason the subject of love is so tough for many of those in my demo is because some of us have never seen or experienced real examples. What do I mean? Look at it like this. I am sure one in five people in your immediate circle of trust (if you have five. If you have less or more fill in as necessary) come from broken homes. You’ve seen and experienced bad relationships, four parent households, two parent dysfunctional household, single mother/father households, all of the above. We’ve never seen successful love….which would subconsciously affect one’s perception.

Now, if you do come from the two parent traditional system then you’re probably just a scumbag. Either way….we don’t really know what love is on the surface. One thing I have learned and seen is that what I thought was love is definitely comprised of TV shows, social media, and Beyonce lyrics. We are more impressed by what we SEE love to be, than what we feel and know it to be.

Not really sure what to make of being a young, vibrant, dating girl in Los Angeles but one thing that reigns true among all cities, states, countries, races and status is that men are shitty and women are nuts. Bring us together and it makes for quite the entertainment. Which is what I plan to highlight throughout my lovely letters.

So happy reading ladies and gents! Feel free to let me know what you think, or tell me why you’re mad, or to share a subject.

Till Next Time!



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