Confessions of a Curvy Girl: Getting My Mind Right

Acknowledging that the outer is very much attached to the inner.

What do you do when your workload is too heavy, your family takes a loss, your love life is well, nonexistent, and overall your life as you see it is in shambles? You eat. Well, that’s what I do. When life gets me down, Ben and Jerry’s lifts my spirits and boy have I been down!

I’ve been an emotional eater for as long as I can remember. You could always tell when something was wrong because I’d be devouring a box of Oreos (not the single serve) or begging for chocolate. While desserts are my primary “fix my life” solution, when things are really heavy I’ll spring for something savory like mac and cheese or fried chicken – hey, they’re called comfort foods right? What’s uncomfortable is the guilt afterwards. Working out is also a great stress reliever (boxing has worked wonders for me in the past) but transitioning from late night trips to the refrigerator to my gym haven’t been very successful. What am I supposed to do at 2am when I’m still working and have to be up in 3 hours for more work? Call on your girl gang.

I’ve mentioned accountability partners before, but they are extremely important to any physical (or mental) journey you could be embarking on. As a woman, it’s important to have other women that not only understand you, but support you and can honestly call you out on your slip ups without being judgmental. For many of us, talking out our issues is difficult. We spend our days dressed as superwoman, and forget that underneath the cape, there’s a human and a heart that can’t handle it all.

Choose your girl gang carefully. You can have a million friends, but this circle is one of trust, honesty and confidence – and not every friend can offer you that. For my girl gang, I chose four ladies with different personalities that all want to see me win. One is brutally honest and makes me feel awful when I crave Popeyes (she’s also my live in best friend, and sees my mistakes first). Another is a yoga instructor whom I don’t speak to every day but when I do call she’s there and she’s totally committed to getting my mind (and alignment) right. The third is a friend who is always late with me so I know I can shoot her a text when Ben and Jerry tell me how sexy I am and the fourth is a coworker who is also on a fitness journey and understands my setbacks.

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The fearless leader of, Robin J. got her start in radio in 2010, creating a platform for under represented musicians and other artists to share their talent. Taking it to the web, she's set out to change the way the world looks at Indie/ re-emerging artists and bring back the appreciation for the new music. When she's not combing through TakeOvah music submissions, she's fake harmonizing at R&B shows, hosting local events and flirting with Starbucks baristas for free espresso shots. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @itsrobinj

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  1. Lovely post!! Keep up the good work!! Check out my blog.. It’s all about positive body image, confidence, and sisterhood


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