Is Marriage Still Important In 2016?

Last year I had the pleasure of participating in a web series with MadameNoire.

It was the second season of Ask A Black Man and it encompassed so much about the black male psyche. Season three has taken its talents to the west coast and the quest into the male perspective continues with some not so easy to digest truths.

In one episode, the guys are talking about the importance of marriage in today’s society and delve into the vast nuances that make up a man’s decision to commit. I can promise that you won’t like a lot of what you hear as women. But, what I do hope is that you appreciate the transparency from the fellas involved.

As for my opinion?

Marriage is important to whomever it is important to. I don’t think everyone in this world is meant to be married. I know that personally, marriage is something that I want to experience. I would love for my kid to grow up with that structure in the household. I would also love to set a standard and an example of what a loving relationship looks like and for my kid to aspire to seek someone of character that would prioritize building a relationship on integrity.

None of this is to say that if other folks don’t have these desires that their children will end up strung out on a street corner. I’m simply speaking from an idealistic point of view. Quite frankly, I’m still on the search to find the woman that’s right to build with. As mentioned in the video, that is no easy task no matter which way you slice it.

Marriage is just one of those topics that never get old as it pertains to the black male logic. I embrace what I believe marriage to stand for. In 2016 marriage still has its place, its purpose. This purpose may defer from preceding generations, but its relevant nonetheless. What are your views on marriage in 2016?

These are my words and I make no apologies.

About Damnpops (6 Articles)
Pops is a staff writer currently at Brooklyn Buttah that's hoping to bring material that people can connect with. If it's a touchy subject, expect him to speak on it. You may have seen him featured on sites such as Single Black Male and Madame Noire. This Brooklynite has a passion to captivate people with words. Roll with him on this trip.

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  1. Great post I really enjoyed it


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