She’s The Boss: Karen St. Hilaire Sees The Light In Every Girl Boss

Like an unsung hero, Karen St. Hilaire works behind the scenes to see her client's purpose become their reality.

It takes a special person to do lots of work and not share a ray of the spotlight. Pouring into individuals or groups who need that extra push takes dedication, a strong sense of self, and a passion to see that person or persons inner light shine bright.

Karen St. Hilaire is a woman on a quest to achieve just that whether leading a vision board workshop with teenagers or corporate leaders, or working one-on-one with an individual in search of taking their life to the next level. The Bedstuy native arms herself with a Brooklyn swag, only child syndrome-like cockiness, and a desire to be the match igniting the next step of a journey.

“I work with individuals who are ready and dedicated to function within their passion and their purpose. Not only do I help you figure out how to lay it out and work within the proper fashion I help you activate it,” she explains.

Still maintaining a full time job, dedicating time to her family and friends, Karen finds a strong sense of joy walking along with her clients to the vision they set in motion together. Her company, Kadence LLC, is her gift of being able to synthesize a lot of information that is cloudy to her client due to their passion blinders and help make it as clear as the sun rays through a stain glass window.

Working with clients like Nadia Lopez and a slew of others, while she is helping them in return some leave lasting impressions to also help her.

“Nadia actually helped me unlock some doors that I had locked,” she said.

Find out how an episode of Dr. Phil and a regular girlfriend’s tea sparked Karen’s road to coaching in the following pages. – Introduction by Alley Olivier; interview by Tayzah Peeples.

About Tayzah M. Peeples (7 Articles)
Tayzah M. Peeples is a Brooklynite with a passion for all things media. Currently attending Delaware State University, she partakes in a plethora of extracurriculars ranging from leading the university’s marching band’s dance team to taking on various roles at the on campus radio station. Connect with her on Instagram @Bklynbombshell__

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