Meet TravDave

Not your ordinary "rappity rap hip hop dude."

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Trav Dave and I’m the newest member of the BrooklynButtah team. I’m here to bring Alley O more cream to the team.

Allow me to be a bit of a narcissist for a few minutes and tell you a little about myself. I’m from Columbus, Ohio aka the home of Bow Wow (Yes, the Shad Moss) and The Ohio State Buckeyes. My friends call me a rappity rap hip hop dude that loves woman and deep lyrics. I currently run two premier podcast, Dabeeside, which is a hip hop barbershop type show and DaRnBside, which is a show dedicated to Old and New School R&B music. I’m also an A&R for Magna Media Group where I help get our artists on the radio, Internet shows and blog sites. I also do consultant work for many artists.

As you can see I wear many hats and I do all this while representing Columbus to the fullest. Everything I do is inspired by my city, friends, family, and hip hop. What will my role be as a member of BrooklynButtah you might ask? Well, my segment will show many ranges of topics from my opinions on how to deal with women, dating, and relationship debates. I’ll also be giving my opinions on the latest happenings in the world of hip hop and everything in between that we do for “the culture.”

My main goal as a member of my new team is to provide laughs, fuckery and drop a few gems along the way. I hope you all are open to rock with me. If not, then I will have to go back to being a regular rappity rap hip hop dude and lord knows that’s the last thing we need is another rapper in the world. I can’t wait to bless you guys with some pure unadulterated Trav Dave fuckery. I really hope you all enjoy it.


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