TravDave Talks Sex On The First Night

Listen, I’m from an era where you actually had to get a phone number and call a girl on the house phone. You would talk all night and hope you didn’t get caught or embarrassed by your parents. Back then we actually had to put in some serious work just to get a hug and kiss, let alone trying to get some privacy to get some real action. It was very rare to have sex on the first night with any chick you just met, unless she was like the neighborhood hoe. Even in my clubbing days I had to at least meet a chick then shoot my best shot, buy a couple drinks and see if I can feel on the booty to know if I even stood a chance.

Nowadays, you don’t even need a phone call, let alone dinner and a date. You can have virtual dates (yes that is a real thing) and talk to each other via Facetime, social media timelines, text, and every other possible way via the use of technology before you actually meet a person face-to-face. Hell, you can fall in love with a person without even touching them – I know y’all seen Catfish and those 10 year relationships people have based on pictures and voices. Technology also allows you to have phone sex, Skype sex, FaceTime freaking before you actually get physical with each other. It sounds so crazy but it is such a reality today.

So I think it’s up to us to change the rules on “sex on the first night.” As far as this new generation is concerned, it is ok to have sex on the first night so long as you’ve built up enough trust with a person. People literally spend months, even years, getting to know a person without meeting them face-to-face. By that time it always feels like you don’t really have anything left to experience but sex. When you look at it the first night sex thing technically isn’t really the first night right? The old fashion way of thinking is long gone and the rules change every day.

If you and that other person have built a bond and energy way before y’all meet up, or have built sexual chemistry before you do the naked shuffle, it’s pretty easy to dive into sex on the first night. I think sex on the first night should be awesome.

So my question to the loyal readers and the newbies of this site is: Have you had sex on the first night with someone you met online and been talking to for days, months and even years?

Don’t be scared to admit it because we’re all freaks here! – TravDave


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