#HealthInMyHands: Paying Attention To Tendency

Three questions to ask yourself before embarking on a new health journey.

Before diving into a full fledged health betterment journey, I think it is important to assess my eating environments and how I nurture poor health habits. Noticing what’s available to you and what to stay away from early on will be pivotal to the process. I don’t believe one can start intensely working out without paying attention to all the non-gym aspects of optimum health.

For anyone following closely for guidance, let us all ask ourselves the following things:

What foods make up a large percentage of my everyday eating?

My eating tendencies change depending on where I am; I am a campus resident but I often return to my home in Brooklyn. At school, my eating options are limited to Dunkin Donuts, Nathan’s, Mexican-themed cuisine, and a cafeteria that serves undesirable foods daily. With no urge to eat anything available, I end up eating a huge burrito and that’ fulfills my three meals in one daily.

In contrast, when home in Brooklyn I have better food options at home. I still take my hunger to local West Indian restaurants on hunts for the finest oxtail gravies for my rice and peas. To me, the issues with my eating are very blatant. I don’t eat often and when I do I am aiming to satisfy hunger with unhealthy choices.

Does my schedule affect my eating?

Assessing your time use will help you understand some of your unhealthy eating practices. I often feel as though I do not have time to eat. I wake up early enough for class and obligations and I don’t get to eat until about 2 or 3 p.m. My brain is usually operating on an empty stomach for the first half of my day and it often transcends into my mood and drive. I eat late for the nights that I have work to do or just can’t sleep. What is important to note is my schedule has not allowed me to consistently eat three meals daily with snacks in between.

Does eating healthier really appeal to me or does it feel like a force?

When trying to become healthier you have to wonder if nutritious foods are an annoyance of if they’re inviting. Personally, I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and have no problem incorporating them into my diet. Unfortunately, resources and self inflicted oblivion keep these things off of my plate. We often pay attention to our taste desires instead of what we’re really putting into our bodies. A fortified fruit smoothie for lunch sounds great to me but I’d still go get a hero for the Brooklyn love, sadly.

In my self assessment and attempts to share my journey with everyone, I’ve concluded the following:

  1. You know when you could be making a better choice, trust the realization you make when looking at your plate.
  2. Treat eating better as something that is uncompromisable; there is always time in the day to eat something better.
  3. Look at healthy foods with optimism and not let downs; think of the inner differences it’ll make.

Ask yourself these questions, what does your self-assessment look like?

About Danielle Page (20 Articles)
Meet Danielle, new to the Brooklyn Buttah team and ready to reveal all things insightful, creative, and positive; aiming to remind people that the answer is within them and our self preservation is key. She was born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn with a passion for her urban island culture. She's fueled by her imagination, intellect, and dexterity. She is looking at closing her undergraduate career soon having studied Media and Communications at SUNY Old Westbury. Even with many skills under belt, she aims to become a Screenwriter/ Creative Director in film.

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