Hey Bro, It’s Ok To Sip Beyonce’s Lemonade

Hot sauce tastin’, Red Lobster buyin’, Ivy Park sellin’ and stage slayin’. I love Beyoncé. I’m waiting on her album to be not so much of a surprise drop and I will be in the building and in formation in Chicago. But here I am stuck in the middle of my girls ready to slay all over Soldier Field, and aside me are members of my squad who feel like they can’t be fans of Bey.

But bro, let me learn you something: There is nothing wrong with being a man and a part of the BeyHive.

For me, my membership into the BeyHive was interesting. I admired her talent, lusted over how she was one of the five sexiest women strolling the earth that I knew I would never have the shot at and she was about her business. Also, Black Girl Magic, she was dope, I was in, I’m a fan. What made me a card carrying member of the Hive is that initial spark that has developed into Bey Z, Jayonce, whatever you call it, that kicked off when Shawn Corey Carter spit about how he “handled the roc like Van Exel.” Being a Rocboy since the 99 & 2000, Jay found the woman that made marriage cool and I knew I found my go-to R&B Goddess.

But back to the topic, I find it hard to see why guys are opposed to Beyoncé as an artist? So what she took over the Super Bowl and made the NFL track down ComEd and then got an encore performance this year? Would you have rather saw another average performing band that was more of a bathroom break than a source of entertainment?

Queen Bey drops songs that make ladies feel sexy, dominant, powerful, flirty, and freaky and that’s how I want my woman to be – everything I want and almost too much for me to handle. And black women LOVE Beyoncé, for someone like me who took pride in Kendrick Lamar’s statement to remain “loyal to the soil,” that’s all that I need. But let’s go further than that. Beyond her role as the best entertainer on the planet (don’t argue me on this because you will lose), and possibly in history, Bey is a role model, balancing the ability to be a superstar and mother, invigorating her music and actions with her beliefs against social injustice and encouraging others in political movement. Once again, where is the harm in that?

Could the issue be that so many women love her and are ready to enjoy her next offering at the drop of a hat? Well, I do the same for Hov or Drake or Kendrick or J.Cole and I don’t see any lady anguish.

To be honest, Beyoncé connects with men if you really look at it. She sits court side at NBA games, listens to hip-hop from her hubby, to slab talk and screw from Houston, to Kanye West to Bobby Shmurda then hit her Shmoney Dance on stage. I’m also willing to bet she will sling the bones of a 6 piece that she doused in hot sauce that she got stored way in her Berkin or Hermes. If that’s not enough for you, she rocking with your favorite Snapchatter DJ Khaled across the country. Bey is the Major Key.

Let’s be honest here, you have no real reason not to be a fan of Beyoncé or be open to enjoy what she does. She can sing, she can dance, she is gorgeous and she has damn near every black man’s idol in Jay Z on her arm. So why you mad bro? Embrace the Bey, turn on HBO this Saturday, sip the lemonade, but every lemonade stand won’t cost you $.10.

About Shawn Grant (25 Articles)
Shawn is a Chicago bred lover of all forms of entertainment and media. As a chronic listener of new tunes, you can catch this University of Missouri graduate's head always near some speakers or a pair of Beats with a head nod resembling his favorite producers in the studio. Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks by searching @DonMagicShawn.

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