Bossy Flicks: Kamilah Ryan Transformed A Design Escape Into An Accessories Business

"kind’ve don’t mind that I went through that phase because I realized there were things that I could’ve done better; now when I look back at those mistakes I’m more pleased with where I’m at now and how I’ve approached it." - Kamilah Ryan | Shot by Joe Chea

Kamilah Ryan is a Brooklyn, NY native working in a science field too technical for her to delve into details. Aside from the lab coat you can potentially envision her in, Kamilah is far more vibrant than the sterility of a laboratory or clinic.

Her vibrance is captured in the complex and colorful designs of her bold earrings and bracelets, all handmade by the self-taught designer. Her company, Rock Paper Chic, was formed officially in 2015 though she began making jewelry as a hobby to distract her during a particular time in her life in 2012.

“I was at a point in my life where I wanted to just do something to kind’ve keep my mind off certain things that were going on with myself at the time. It seemed like something fun to try; that, coupled with the other artists helped me start to see where it went,” she said.

Kamilah aims to make pieces that embody a woman’s right to dare to be bold and audacious no matter what society might ask or demand of you.

Check out our first Bossy Flicks photo story featuring Kamilah Ryan, founder and designer of Rock Paper Chic, and be sure to check out her website and Instagram to grab some of her pieces.

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