Movin’ On: 4 Things To Consider When Making A Move

I move every year. Since 2009, I have just not been able to stay in one place. Even when I was in college, I changed apartments year after year, and even though I didn’t want to I’m getting that same itch. I plan to move again. I’m not sure exactly where, and I’m not sure exactly when, but I do want this move to be a little more long-term.

I realize I move so often because I don’t do enough prepping before I start packing.

Moving is usually such a pain, but sometimes, it’s necessary so that you stretch yourself past where you thought you could be and see what’s out there. You can’t always stay where you are. I’m hoping planning beforehand will help me stay put a little longer, wherever I end up.

Go through this list before you get gone, and let us know if it helped. Whatever you do, don’t just stay stuck. Make moves, as many times as you want.

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E. Martin is an educator, blogger, and freelance writer. She can be found laughing the loudest, finishing a bag of Sourpatch kids, or roaming a Target aisle. You can find more of her writing at

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