Trav Dave Tackles An “Age Old” Rule

Hey ladies….

I’m going to break something down for you. I’m sure all my beautiful ladies already know this because let’s be honest, y’all are smart and loyal. Plus, you know everything already and men are simple creatures. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If you want your relationship to be 1000 times better and get everything you want ladies, feed him, fuck him and leave him alone for an hour. Just pure silence for an hour a day and i promise you your man will do any and everything you want him to do for you.

I’m not saying do you have to do all three every single day but, just pick a random day and send him a simple text. Example: “I know the game is on tonight but I want to do something for you before the game starts”. Cook that man a nice meal, after he is done pull him in the bathroom and please him then leave him alone to watch the game or his favorite show. The next day, ask him to do anything you want and I bet he will jump up do it.

Let’s face it ladies, men LOVE to be pleased and needed ladies. In our head, we will feel like we’re in control and we run the show, but in reality, you will have all the power. Now, you can’t do this with every man so don’t expect the same reaction but you will know which ones you can. Some of y’all are dealing with fuck boys or bums but if you got a good man that loves you, and you KNOW he loves you, try it out. You want those clothes folded, car washed, and grass cut? You want those dishes washed and him to pick up after himself? Feed him, fuck him and leave him alone for an hour.

Listen to me ladies: this is a life changing gem. I’m here to help your relationship survive the summer and or a lifetime. But if your man doesn’t appreciate you after that then holla at your boy! I’m always here to listen to you and talk to you on those lonely nights. Trav cares if don’t nobody else cares.

Love x Peace x Power.

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