Confessions of a Curvy Girl: Work Work Work

Robin J. employs three strategies to find the time to work out.

Don’t bother me, I’m working.

Right now I’m on my third cup of coffee, finishing this piece while on a conference call and hiring a new employee (at the same damn time). I’m on 3.5 hours of sleep and I haven’t seen the gym in a week.

Balance is a skill I have not yet mastered. My life has always been a tug-o-war between work vs everything else, and work always seems to win while my attempts for a social life fall in the dirt. This of course is no help to my body goals.

You know the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter”? Well, it’s spring and my winter body is still here kicking it with me. I’ve admitted to failure, falling off, and almost losing my mind– but after pulling myself out of my most recent rut, I’m only one pants size down and I’ve officially hit a plateau on my weight loss because I just can’t “find the time.” I’ve even taken a break from personal training because my iCalendar alerts won’t stop going off and I can’t seem to commit.

But not having time is easily the worst and most overused excuse in the book. Time management is important and as you attempt to master this thing called life, learning to pencil in time for your health is the best thing you can do for yourself. Personally, I make time for overtime at my 9-5, and to build my small business but taking care of my health has sadly not been a priority while spending my days dream chasing. Four months into the year and I’ve already lost sight of the biggest resolution and commitment I made to myself. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey to loving the girl in the mirror it’s patience. Not just patience with the process but patience with myself and understanding that this is about trial and error. In figuring out what works for me, I’ve come up with a model that I’m going to apply to my daily routine over the next two weeks to see if can back off of this precipice of a fitness regimen. I call it  “The Three.” 

There are three things I know about myself that won’t ever change:

1) I love to write. If I don’t write it down it doesn’t exist.
2) I’m extremely competitive and
3) I get bored very easily.

Using those three character traits as a blueprint, I will switch up my fitness routine incorporating the very things that make me, ME, in hopes for better results. Since I like to write, and I live and die by my planner my first step is writing down everything from my meals to scheduling my workouts. For me, if it’s in ink it’s permanent and the same way I stick to my work related engagements, I’ll appropriately schedule and stick to my workouts. Second, I’ve started a challenge with two members of my girl gang. Over the next 14 days our goal is to each complete at least 12 workouts, which is double what I’m doing now. The one that is successful gets a spa day paid for by the other two.

I NEED a spa day so losing this challenge isn’t an option. Third, to stay excited I’ve signed up for a few fun fitness classes to switch things up a bit. Soul cycle’s 90s Hip Hop ride beats that God forsaken treadmill any day of the week.

I know utilizing my “three” will help me as I press the reset button and chase another pants size away. I’ll be back in two weeks and I’ll be sure to let you all know how it went. In the meantime, think about your three, and make a plan of action to change gears if you feel like you need a shift. Tomorrow is Day one of the challenge and I see a deep tissue massage in my future.


About RobinJ (4 Articles)
The fearless leader of, Robin J. got her start in radio in 2010, creating a platform for under represented musicians and other artists to share their talent. Taking it to the web, she's set out to change the way the world looks at Indie/ re-emerging artists and bring back the appreciation for the new music. When she's not combing through TakeOvah music submissions, she's fake harmonizing at R&B shows, hosting local events and flirting with Starbucks baristas for free espresso shots. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @itsrobinj

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  1. I just wanted to express my appreciation for the curvy woman lol I’ll go read the article now.


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